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Dakota C47 WRECK

C-47 Dakota Airplane was sunken on July.01. 2008 by BOSAD (Bodrum Sualtı Dernegi) to create an artificial reef. The plane was  granted to “Black Island ArficialReefs Project”  by Turkish Air Forces.  a very exiting diving spot for open water and advenced divers who is intersted in wreck diving.



In May 2007 the BOSAD (Bodrum Sualtı Dernegi) sinked the Coast Guard Ship ‘SG115′ in the Lava Bay to create an artificial reef with this new wreck. SG115 has a gentle slope which goes down  17 to 30 mt. which is well suited for Open water divers to higher level of divers who wants to go deeper.



Another boat wreck among our diving points is Pınar 1. Manufactures in 1938, it had served as a tanker in Turkish Navy. It was granted to BOSAD in order to create an artificial reef and sunken on May 28th, 2007. Pınar 1 wreck, which was located on the southeast direction of Karaada, lies less than 20-25m.

Çapa 1
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